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1.3. Transferring Calls

Transferring a Call

Follow these steps to transfer a call to another extension.

  1. While on the call, press the Trnsfer soft key (this places the caller on hold).
  2. Dial the office extension to which you want to transfer the call.
  3.  When it rings on the transferred to extension, press Trnsfer soft key again, or when the party answers the call, announce the call and press the Trnsfer soft key again.
  4. Hang up the phone or end the call.

Note: If the party refuses the call, press the Resume soft key to return to the original call. If you have multiple calls in progress, you can also directly transfer two calls to one another.

  1. Use the SCROLL key to highlight any call on the open line and press Select.
  2. Repeat this process for the second call.
  3. With one of the select calls highlighted, press DirTrfr. The two calls connect to each other and drop you from the call. If you want to stay on the line, use the Join soft key to create a conference instead.

Note: If you want to connect two calls to each other using direct transfer, both calls must be on the same line. If the calls are not on the same line, you will need to transfer one call to the other line, and then you can use the DirTrfr feature.

Transfer Directly into a Voicemail Account (Optional)

  1. While on the call, press the Trnsfer soft key (this places the caller on hold).
  2. Press the * key.
  3. Enter the extension of the person you are transferring to (at this point, you may announce the call, or go directly to step 4.
  4. Press the Trnsfer soft key to complete the transfer.
Parking a Call

Park a call when you want to store the call and then retrieve the call from another IP Phone. Call Park numbers are pre-configured by your system administrator. Follow the below steps to park a call:

  1. During an active call, press the more soft key until you see the Park tab.
  2. Press the Park tab soft key. The LCD screen displays a special call park number at which the call is stored.
  3. Make a note of the call park number and then hang up. The call is parked at that number, allowing you to retrieve it from another phone.
  4. To retrieve

Note: You have a limited amount of time to retrieve the parked call before it reverts to ringing at its original destination.


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