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1.2. Answering a Call

Answering a Call

There are four options for answering a call.

  • Lift the Handset.
  • Press the Answer soft key.
  • Press the SPEAKER button.
  • Press the HEADSET button.

End a Call

There are three options for ending a call.

  • Hang up the Handset.
  • Press the SPEAKER button.
  • Press the EndCall soft key and hang up.

Additional Call Handling

Each phone line you have available can handle up to three individual calls. Therefore, it is possible that you will have a call in progress and receive another call on the same line. Or you could have a call in progress and decide to call someone else to confirm a piece of information, only to return to your original call. You can also use the additional call handling feature in order to set up a three-way conference call.

Answering an additional call while a call is in progress.

If this occurs, your handset/headset will beep and the additional call will appear on the LCD panel on your phone.

  1. Use the SCROLL buttons to scroll to that call and then press the Answer soft key.
  2. Your original call will be placed on hold while you are talking to the second caller.
  3. If the third party hangs up, you will automatically be reconnected to your original call.
  4. Otherwise, you can press the EndCall soft key on the third party, which will also automatically reconnect you to your original call.
  5. Finally, you can use the SCROLL button to alternate between calls. You will need to scroll toeach call and then press the Resume soft key to reconnect to that call. The other caller will be placed on hold.

Making a call while a call is in progres.

If you are in the middle of a call and want to talk to another party briefly while still being connected to your original second party, then you can use the same line to dial out an additional call. You can make up to six calls on each line you have available.

  1. Press the line button corresponding to your primary line (should be the topmost line button next to your LCD panel). Note that your original call will still be displayed on the LCD panel.
  2. Press the NewCall soft key.
  3. Dial the number of the additional party.
  4. You should now be connected to your third party. Your second party will be placed on hold while you interact with the third party. You can reconnect to your second party by using the SCROLL buttons and the Resume soft key.

Note: Only one call can be “active” at any given time. All other calls are automatically placed on hold. To instantly create a conference call between three or more parties (yourself included), press the more soft key followed by the Join soft key. This will automatically create a conference with all the parties that are connected (see the Conference Call section for more details).



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