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3.18. Deleting Items You Receive

You can delete Items you receive and place them in the Trash.

1 Click the Mailbox icon in the Folder List.
To delete an item you have moved to a folder, click the folder in the Folder List.
To delete an appointment, task, or note you already accepted, click the Calendar icon in the Folder List or Nav Bar.

2 Locate the items in the Item List.

3 Select the items, then click Delete at the top of the Item List.
Click the item to open it, then click Delete.
Select the items and drag them to the Trash.
Select the items, right-click them > click Delete.
The items are removed from your Mailbox or Calendar. The status of the items is also updated in the sender's Mailbox or Calendar to show you deleted the item. As long as the items remain in your Trash, you can undelete them.

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