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3.17. Replying to an Item You Receive

You can reply to an item you receive. You can reply to the item's author or to everybody who originally received the item.

  1. Click the Mailbox icon in the Folder List or Toolbar.
    Click the Calendar icon in the Folder List, then go to the date of the appointment, task, or note.
  2. Click the message, appointment, task, or note to open it.
    Right-click the item > click Reply.
  3. Click Reply to Sender or Reply to All to open a Reply form. Reply to Sender sends a reply to the sender only. Reply to All sends a reply to the sender and all recipients of the original item. Choose whether to include the original message in your reply.
  4. Type your message.You can include Web site locations or addresses (URLs) in the Message field.
  5. Click Send.

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