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3.4. Understanding the GroupWise WebAccess



Understanding the GroupWise WebAccess

Main Window

When you open GroupWise WebAccess, you see the Main Window, shown below. This is your main

work area in GroupWise. From the Main Window, you can read your messages, schedule

appointments, view your Calendar, manage contacts, and much more.


Figure 1-2 Main Window


The Main Window has different components to help you accomplish your daily tasks. The following

sections describe the various components you can use from the Main Window:


  Nav Bar

Figure 1-3 The GroupWise Nav Bar

The Nav Bar provides for quick access to your most commonly used folders. It contains the

Mailbox, Calendar, Documents, and other folders.



Figure 1-4 The GroupWise Toolbar

The toolbar lets you quickly accomplish common GroupWise tasks, such as opening the Address

Book, sending mail messages, and managing folders.



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