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GroupWise WebAccess Client FAQ

How do I stop my password from being automatically provided on the WebAccess login page?

This functionality is being provided by your Web browser, not by the WebAccess client. Consult your Web browser documentation for instructions on disabling this feature.

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How do I set up an automated response to let people know that I'm on vacation or out of the office?

See Using Rules.

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How do I add text like contact information to the bottom of every message I send?

  1. In the GroupWise WebAccess main window, click the Options icon.

  2. Click Signature.

  3. Click Activate Signature.

  4. Type your signature text in the box.

    Options view with Signature selected
  5. Click Automatically Add Signature to have GroupWise WebAccess automatically add the signature when you send the item.


    Click Prompt before adding signature to have GroupWise WebAccess prompt you to add the signature when you send the item.

  6. Click Save.

    When you create a signature, GroupWise WebAccess stores it in your GroupWise Mailbox at your post office. The GroupWise Linux and WebAccess clients share the same text signature, while the GroupWise Windows client stores signatures in HTML format and allows multiple signatures to be stored.


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My personal information in the GroupWise Address Book is out of date. How do I update it?

You cannot edit the information in the GroupWise Address Book yourself. You must Submit a Request in order to update your personal information.

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How do I change the way my name appears in messages?

You must Submit a Request in order to update your personal information.

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What do all the little symbols next to my messages mean?

See Understanding the GroupWise WebAccess Main Window.

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How do I block unwanted messages from my mailbox?

When you use the GroupWise Windows client, you have more control over what you allow into your own mailbox, as described in Handling Unwanted Mail in Working with Items in Your Mailbox in the Desktop Client User Guide.

If you have a small number of specific addresses that you want to block, you can set up a rule, as described in Using Rules.

Can I delete attachments from a received message?

No. Not at the present time.

Someone gave me proxy access to a mailbox. How do I access it?

See Using Proxy.

How do I forward all my mail from my GroupWise account to a personal e-mail account?

See Forwarding Your E-mail to Another Account.

Can I send a message to a cell phone?

Most cell phones include an e-mail address for SMS messages. If you want to forward your messages to your own cell phone, you need to contact your carrier to determine the e-mail address of your phone. If you want to send a message to someone else’s cell phone, you need to know the e-mail address of that person’s phone.

I’ve run out of space in my mailbox. I’ve deleted everything I can think of. Now what?

You need to actually empty the Trash before your disk space consumption goes down.



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